Teleport Enterprise

Multi-Region SSH for Teams Managing Distributed Server Clusters

What Is Teleport?

Teleport is a modern SSH server for remotely accessing clusters of Linux servers via SSH or HTTPS. It is designed to comply with information security best practices.

Why Use Teleport?

  • doneSaaS Providers: Make your SaaS offering compliant with enterprise security requirements.

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  • doneEnterprise IT & Infosec: Manage employee infrastructure access across multiple regions and form factors.
  • doneManaged Service Providers: Scale IT managed services across your customers' infrastructure. Learn more about our solutions for MSPs.
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Teleport Enterprise is made by the creators of Teleport OSS.

Latest Teleport News: Teleport Version 2.3 Released!

Designed for Clusters

What do you do when you have thousands of servers and certain teams should only have access to certain applications?

Teleport defines and enforces identities and permissions on a cluster level and access to any node is always performed through a proxy (aka, SSH bastion).

Read more about Teleport Clusters in the docs.

RBAC for Dynamic Services

How do you control access to modern application services that can dynamically move across servers?

Teleport allows for fine-grained access controls that follow dynamic services, instead of static IP addresses, for modern service based architectures.

Read more about RBAC in the docs.

Secure, Certificate Based Auth

How do you make sure that the proper keys are on the appropriate machines for the right employees?

Teleport's auth server authenticates nodes and users by integrating into your existing identity management tools and creating short-lived SSH certificates based on roles.

Read more about Certificates in the docs.

Fully Auditable

With so many people accessing your infrastructure, how do you know who did what?

Teleport logs all security events and records all sessions so you can explore who is doing what in a cluster, join active sessions, record and replay all SSH activity across the cluster and ship session recordings and security audit logs to secure storage.

Read more about Certificates in the docs.

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Teleport Features

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  FOSS Enterprise

Works across firewalls

Remote access is available to clusters, even behind most firewalls, through outbound SSH tunnels from the cluster.

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Fully Auditable

All activity and sessions are recorded and can be searched and played back for auditiong and knowledge sharing.

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Works with OpenSSH

You can use your existing SSH infrastructure in combination with Teleport.

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Node labeling

Nodes may be labeled with dynamic variables for simple navigation of the cluster

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Graphical web-based and command line interface

Operators may use a web based control panel for diagnosis or a command line interface for automating workflows.

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Role based access controls

Customize access based on operator roles and dynamic node labels to control access patterns.


Integrates with existing identity managers

Integrates with your existing identity tools through OIDC, OAuth or SAML.


Dynamic Configuration

You can control Teleport at runtime, even programmatically, by dynamiclally updating its configuration.


External Audit Logging

In addition to supporting the local filesystem, Teleport Enterprise is capable of forwarding the audit log to external systems such as Splunk, Alert Logic and others.


Enterprise Support

24/7 support to make sure that everything is updated, patched and running smoothly; with SLA guarantees.

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