Freedom from Computing Environments

About Gravitational

Gravitational is a pioneer in environment-free computing. Our mission is to empower engineers to access and distribute computing resources anywhere on the planet. Our open source products are Teleport and Gravity.

Teleport erases boundaries between environments by giving developers secure access to servers, Kubernetes clusters, and applications. Gravity is an application delivery system that makes cloud-native applications environment-agnostic, enabling engineers to deploy cloud applications in regulated, restricted, and remote environments.

Gravitational’s enterprise products are used across the Global 2000 including NASDAQ, Ticketmaster, Snowflake, and Mulesoft. We are backed by Kleiner Perkins and S28 Capital. We are a Y Combinator success story. Headquartered in Oakland, CA, we embrace a remote-first work culture.

Gravity Distribute

Open to the Core

Open Certified

Open source and open standards are core to how we deliver solutions our customers can trust. Companies do not want to be locked into proprietary APIs, data formats or rely on closed-source solutions. They need the flexibility to extend products to meet their interoperability, security, and compliance requirements.

Our Offices

Oakland, CA

Oakland CA

Seattle, WA

Seattle WA

Toronto, Canada


Our Investors

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Gravitational in the News

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