Video Presentations

A collection of short demo videos covering all of the Gravitationl products.

SSH Access - Industry Best Practices Sep 9, 2020 -

How to level up your SSH Access game — keys to certificates, funneling your access through a bastion server, setting up 2-factor authentication.

Secure Developer Access at Decisv Sep 2, 2020 -

Learn how Decisiv provides secure access and deals with compliance hurdles from DevSecOps Manager Hunter Madison

Industry Best Practices for SSH Access Aug 19, 2020 -

SSH Access Best Practices discussion and demo with Ev Kontsevoy, joined by Jack Naglieri CEO Panther labs and Gus Luxton Gravitational

Best Practices in Kubernetes Audit Logging Aug 5, 2020 -

Ev Kontsevoy and Andrew Lytvynov discuss Kubernetes audit logs, what they look like in Sumo Logic and benefits using secure access tools - Teleport.

Zero Trust - Separating out Fact from Fiction Jul 28, 2020 - discussion on separating the Zero Trust marketing fluff from the practical aspects of Zero Trust and how it impacts your organization

Teleport 4.3 | Demo and Presentation Jul 16, 2020 -

Watch Gus Luxton discuss Teleport 4.3 showcasing the new UI, API driven approach, and expanded audit capabilities

Teleport 4.3 | 5 minute demo Jul 10, 2020 -

Official demo of Gravitational Teleport, an open-source Linux service for setting up infrastructure access via SSH or Kubernetes.

Gravity Overview Apr 2, 2020 -

Gravity: Run cloud applications in restricted, regulated and remote environments

Teleport for Privileged Access Management Oct 9, 2019 -

This is a recording of a webinar demo of Teleport by Gravitational, a privileged access management solution for securing on-premises and multi-cloud environments. In this presentation, we provided an overview of Teleport, walk through a live demonstration of popular features such as certificate authentication, SSO-integration for role-based access control (RBAC), session recording, and Kubernetes authentication and roles.

Open Core vs Proprietary SaaS Sep 20, 2019 -

Gravitational COO, Taylor Wakefield, presents at the 2019 Open Core Summit, comparing Commercial Open Source Software (COSS aka, Open Core Software) to Proprietary SaaS. This presentation discusses why SaaS emerged, why COSS is now emerging and looks at the S-1 data of recently IPO'd companies in each cohort to validate the assumed benefits of each model. (Spoiler alert: each model can produce outstanding results.)

Best Practices for Teleport with SSH & Kubernetes Jul 16, 2019 -

In this webinar, we ran through an overview of Teleport, walked through a live demonstration of popular features such as certificate authentication, RBAC, session recording, and Kubernetes access management.

New Gravity UI Tour Jun 13, 2019 -

In this video, we take a quick tour through the new Gravity web UI.

Teleport Video Overview Mar 12, 2019 -

This is a high level overview of Teleport, privileged access management for cloud native infrastructure that doesn't get in the way

Gravity Community Edition Demo Feb 20, 2019 -

In this video, we demo how to package a Kubernetes application using Gravity and deploy and install the application across three Linux servers.

Teleport v3.0 with Kubernetes Support Demo Oct 2, 2018 -

In this video, we demo Teleport 3.0 and its new support for acting as a privileged access management gateway for Kubernetes.

Teleport Trusted Clusters Demo Jan 16, 2018 -

This is a quick 2 minute demo of how to use Teleport to access servers behind firewalls through its Trusted Clusters feature.

Introduction to Teleconsole Sep 6, 2016 -

Share your terminal in seconds! A brief overview of how Teleconsole works.

Introduction to Gravitational Teleport Apr 25, 2016 -

This is a demo of Gravitational Teleport, the SSH infrastructure for clusters created by Gravitational Inc.

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