Mulesoft Case Study

Gravitational helped MuleSoft migrate Anypoint Platform to Kubernetes and trained MuleSoft developers in Kubernetes best practices

How we Helped Mulesoft

Secure and highly available

MuleSoft customers can easily install secure and highly available instances of Anypoint Platform on their private infrastructure.

Migration to Kubernetes

Gravitational helped MuleSoft migrate Anypoint Platform to Kubernetes and trained MuleSoft developers in Kubernetes best practices.

Integrated CI/CD workflow

MuleSoft developers were able to maintain much of their existing software development tooling and processes.


Company: Mulesoft

Industry: Technology

Product/Service: Anypoint Platform, the leading platform for building application networks


Enable customers to simply install and use Anypoint Platform on-premises.

Reduce operational burden of running multiple customer deployments.

Case Study

MuleSoft has emerged as one of today’s fastest-growing enterprise software companies. Anypoint Platform connects any application, data and devices through APIs, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Today, over 1,000 leading companies across every industry depend on Anypoint Platform to meet digital demands and achieve business outcomes faster.

Given the regulatory and compliance requirements in certain industries, many organizations cannot adopt a fully cloud approach. However, MuleSoft wanted to still deliver a SaaS-like experience to their customers even in on-premises environments. In addition, MuleSoft needed to reduce the operational burden of running Anypoint Platform across multiple customer deployments.

Gravitational first helped MuleSoft transition from its current development environment to using Kubernetes through an in-depth consulting and implementation services engagement. As part of that engagement, MuleSoft used Gravitational’s technology so their developers could easily spin up and down Kubernetes development environments in order to increase development velocity. In addition, Gravitational helped migrate Anypoint Platform to use Docker containers and Kubernetes container orchestration technologies.

Finally, Gravitational packaged Anypoint Platform with a custom installer and Kubernetes so that Anypoint Platform could be easily installed and managed for their on-premises customers.

These product and service deliverables enable MuleSoft to deliver a new on-premises offering to their customer base in order to drive top line revenue, while limiting internal support and operational costs.


Gravitational reduces the operations and the support burden normally associated with on-premises software. The product also decreases the time it takes to adopt open source technology while enabling consistent application environments across deployments.

Helgi Þorbjörnsson Principal Architect, MuleSoft Read the Mulesoft Case Study

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