Gravitational partners with Tigera to deliver secure, policy driven networking for its Private Kubernetes deployments

Jan 3, 2017 by Taylor Wakefield

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Today, we are excited to announce that Gravitational is working with Tigera, the company behind Project Calico, to ensure that its Private Kubernetes deployments will support Calico for secure, policy driven networking.

Gravitational enables SaaS companies and independent software vendors to deploy and manage their applications on their customers’ infrastructure (on-premise). Our solution is based on Kubernetes and it is crucial that we deliver flexible, secure and reliable communication between the services within each private deployment.

Sasha Klizhentas, Gravitational CTO, explains the reasoning behind using Calico, “Calico has clearly become the de facto solution for Kubernetes networking, with a well-engineered system that uses proven and well known technologies like kernel layer 3 routing and filtering for fine-grained policy. It scales well and sysadmins love it.”

Tigera’s work and expertise with Calico has been crucial in our ability to offer it as a networking option and reduced our time to market. With their help, now all Gravitational customers will be able to select Calico in their Application Manifest to best suit their deployment environments. Networking options include flat layer 3 networking without overlays, direct peering to private cloud infrastructure, as well as IP-in-IP or VXLAN for routing across public cloud regions and hybrid cloud scenarios. Also, with Calico, Kubernetes Network Policy capabilities are now available to Telekube users for enhanced application security.

It’s been great working with the Gravitational team. Their Telekube platform is a use case that really shows off the benefits of using Calico. With Calico, they can give their customers a cloud native networking environment on any infrastructure, including private, bare metal servers.

Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO of Tigera

About Gravitational

Gravitational is the Private SaaS company, enabling SaaS companies and ISVs to give their customers a software-as-a-service experience on their customers’ private infrastructure. Gravitational has developed the Telekube platform to enable the delivery of Private SaaS, which is powered by Teleport and Kubernetes. For more information email [email protected].

About Tigera

Tigera, the team behind Calico, is solving the networking and security problems inherent in deploying and enforcing policy in large private, public, and hybrid enterprise clouds. We are building a future where developers can create high performance, secure, cloud-native applications without having to think about networking, and operations teams achieve effortless control, security and visibility, enabling frictionless delivery of new services.

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