Audit Log for SSH Clusters

Restricting access and granting specific permissions through role-based access controls is the first step to securing your infrastructure. The next step is to log all activity across your infrastructure.

Teleport logs events like successful user logins along with the metadata like SSH events, remote IP address, time and the session ID.

Teleport extends the capability to log both SSH and Kubernetes security events by including the following features:

Integration with identity managers. Teleport can integrate with your identity management system and pass along the identity meta-data to connect activity to an identity. This allows you to see who's doing what and see if there is unauthorized access.

Secure storage of logs. Teleport doesn't store the audit logs on the machines where the activity is occuring. Logs are either stored on the secure Auth Server or can be shipped to external storage like DynamoDB or logging services like Splunk.

Recording of SSH Sessions. Teleport also records all of the SSH sessions, stores then and makes them available for playback so you have further visibility into what's happening during the session.

Cluster level logging. Because Teleport is designed for clusters, it will log activity across an entire cluster or environment, not just on a specific machine. This allows you to track activity across your infrastructure more easily.

Which Teleport offering is right for you?

Teleport is available through our commercial Enterprise offering or the Community open source software.

Teleport Enterprise

Teleport Enterprise is built around the open-source core, with premium support and additional, enterprise-grade features. It is for organizations that need to secure critical production infrastructure and meet compliance and audit requirements.

Teleport Enterprise includes:

Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) for both SSH and Kubernetes clusters.

Integration with all Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) providers.

Multi-cluster dashboard with cross-cloud visibility into access and behavior.

Enterprise-grade support with SLAs and dedicated Slack channel.

2-years of long term support and maintenance (2-year LTS).

Prioritized hotfixes and patches for all supported releases under LTS.

Teleport feature roadmap collaboration with product management.

Demo Teleport Enterprise

Teleport Community

Teleport Community provides modern SSH best practices out of the box for managing elastic infrastructure. Teleport Community is open-source software that anyone can download and install for free.

Teleport Community includes:

Local user database and SSO integration with Github.

Monitoring of Github issues and community driven roadmap.

Open community forum for support and feature discussions.

Binaries published for Linux, MacOS and Windows (client only).

Best efforts support. Hotfixes and patches for most recent release.

Download Teleport Community

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