Welcome to the Teleport documentation! Teleport is available through the free, open source edition ("Teleport Community Edition") or a commercial edition ("Teleport Enterprise Edition").

Below is a brief summary of the documentation available here.

Teleport Community

The Community Edition is on Github if you want to dive into the code. These documentation is also available in the Github repository so feel free to create an issue or pull request if you have comments.

  • Quickstart Guide - A quick tutorial to show off the basic capabilities of Teleport. A good place to start if you want to jump right in.
  • Teleport Architecture - This section covers the underlying design principles of Teleport and a detailed description of Teleport architecture. A good place to learn about Teleport's design and how it works.
  • User Manual - This manual expands on the Quickstart and provides end users with all they need to know about how to use Teleport.
  • Admin Manual - This manual covers installation and configuration of Teleport and the ongoing management of Teleport.
  • FAQ - Common questions about Teleport.

Teleport Enterprise

Teleport Enterprise is built around the open-source core in Teleport Community, with the added benefits of role-based access control (RBAC) and easy integration with identity managers for single sign-on (SSO). Because the majority of documentation between the Community Edition and the commercial, Enterprise Edition overlaps we have separated out the documentation that is specific to Teleport Enterprise.

  • Teleport Enterprise Introduction - Overview of the additional capabilities of Teleport Enterprise.
  • RBAC for SSH - Details on how Teleport Enterprise provides Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) for SSH.
  • SSO for SSH - Overview on how Teleport Enterprise works with external identity providers for single sign-on (SSO).


Teleport is made by Gravitational. We hope you enjoy using Teleport. If you have comments or questions, feel free to reach out to the Gravitational Team: [email protected].