Can I use Teleport in production today?

Teleport has completed several security audits from nationally recognized technology security companies, so we are comfortable with the use of Teleport from a security perspective. We are actively supporting Teleport and addressing any issues that are submitted to the github repo.

Can I connect to nodes behind a firewall?

Yes, Teleport supports reverse SSH tunnels out of the box. To configure behind-firewall clusters refer to Trusted Clusters section of the Admin Manual.

Does Web UI support copy and paste?

Yes. You can copy&paste using the mouse. For working with a keyboard, Teleport employs tmux-like "prefix" mode. To enter prefix mode, press Ctrl+A.

While in prefix mode, you can press Ctrl+V to paste, or enter text selection mode by pressing [. When in text selection mode, move around using hjkl, select text by toggling space and copy it via Ctrl+C.

Can I use OpenSSH with a Teleport cluster?

Yes. Take a look at Using OpenSSH client section in the User Manual and Using OpenSSH servers in the Admin Manual.

What TCP ports does Teleport use?

Please refer to the Ports section of the Admin Manual.

Does Teleport support authentication via OAuth, SAML or Active Directory?

Gravitational offers this feature for the commercial versions of Teleport.

Commercial Teleport Editions

What is included in the commercial version, Teleport Enterprise?

The Teleport Enterprise offering gives users the following additional features:

  • Role-based access control, also known as RBAC.
  • Authentication via SAML and OpenID with providers like Okta, Active Directory, Auth0, etc. (aka, SSO).
  • Premium support.

We also offer implementation services, to help you integrate Teleport with your existing systems and processes.

You can read more in the Teleport Enterprise section of the docs

Does Teleport send any data to Gravitational?

The open source edition of Teleport does not send any information to Gravitational and can be used on servers without internet access. The commercial versions of Teleport may or may not be configured to send anonymized information to Gravitational, depending on the license purchased. This information contains the following:

  • Anonymized user ID: SHA256 hash of a username with a randomly generated prefix.
  • Anonymized server ID: SHA256 hash of a server IP with a randomly generated prefix.

This allows Teleport Pro to print a warning if users are exceeding the usage limits of their license. The reporting library code is on Github.

Reach out to [email protected] if you have questions about commercial edition of Teleport.