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In order to interact with the Access Request API, you will need to provision appropriate TLS certificates. In order to provision certificates, you will need to create a user with appropriate permissions:

$ cat > rscs.yaml <<EOF
kind: user
  name: access-plugin
  roles: ['access-plugin']
version: v2
kind: role
  name: access-plugin
      - resources: ['access_request']
        verbs: ['list','read','update']
    # teleport currently refuses to issue certs for a user with 0 logins,
    # this restriction may be lifted in future versions.
    logins: ['access-plugin']
version: v3
# ...
$ tctl create rscs.yaml
# ...
$ tctl auth sign --format=tls --user=access-plugin --out=auth
# ...

The above sequence should result in three PEM encoded files being generated: auth.crt, auth.key, and auth.cas (certificate, private key, and CA certs respectively).

Note: by default, tctl auth sign produces certificates with a relatively short lifetime. For production deployments, the --ttl flag can be used to ensure a more practical certificate lifetime.


Audit Events API

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Certificate Generation API

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Tokens API

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Workflow API

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