Multi-Region Kubernetes for Deploying and Managing Distributed Applications

What Is Telekube?

Telekube combines a production hardened deployment of Kubernetes with Teleport, our multi-region SSH server, so you can effectively manage multiple deployments of Kubernetes applications across various regions, data centers and cloud providers.

Why Use Telekube?

  • done SaaS Providers: Sell your SaaS offering to enterprise; on-premise or in private clouds.

    Learn more about Private SaaS.

  • doneDevops and SREs: Manage many Kubernetes environments across internal data centers & cloud providers.
  • doneManaged Service Providers: Scale managed services for Kubernetes across a large client base. Learn more about our solutions for MSPs.
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Multi-Tier Applications that are Portable

Telekube packages your application, along with Kubernetes (and all dependencies) and creates a single, autonomous tarball that can be installed across server clusters. We make sure it runs smoothly on any modern Linux kernal.

Simple Provisioning and Installation

Our easy-to-use GUI and CLI installers will automatically provision cloud resources or validate existing resources and install your multi-tier application across a cluster. It even works on air-gapped servers.

Automate Operational Tasks

Telekube can automate operational tasks like application updates, database snapshots/backups and scaling applications up or down across all of your deployments by leveraging the power of Kubernetes. No custom API required.

Integrates with Your Ops Tools

Telekube works with your favorite automation, monitoring and logging solutions for proactive operations and support. No need to learn new tooling.

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Telekube Features

doneSelf-Contained and Autonomous
Your Application, Kubernetes and all dependencies are packaged as a single versioned entity. Every host keeps a local copy of everything.
doneResilient Architecture
HA (Highly Available) Architecture. Kubernetes services run in a consistent environment. All nodes are identical to each other for failover.
doneAdvanced Management Tools
Your existing monitoring and logging solutions can be packaged into Kubernetes clusters or use the included logging/monitoring application with filtering and search.
doneUnified Cluster Access
Telekube integrates with existing enterprise identity providers and enables a single, unified access point to all of your Kubernetes clusters.
doneFully Auditable
Every security and operations event is recorded and logged for security audits and knowledge sharing. Even SSH sessions are recorded and available for playback.
doneOpen Sourced Kubernetes
We do not fork upstream, open-sourced Kubernetes. We just configure it for high availability and validate all dependencies work together.
doneFully Managed Kubernetes Environments
We take care of everything from the operating system to your application. We make sure Kubernetes is updated, patched and that everything is up and running smoothly.
doneEnterprise Support
24/7 premium enterprise support with SLA guarantees is included by default. We see ourselves as an extension of your ops team.

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"Gravitational reduces the operations and the support burden normally associated with on-premises software. The product also decreases the time it takes to adopt open source technology while enabling consistent application environments across deployments."


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