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We care about your privacy. Our privacy policy will help you understand what information is collected, how it's used, and what choices you have.

Effective Date: 08/20/2015

This privacy policy applies to your use of the services made available by Gravitational, Inc. (the “Services”), including the Gravitational platform (the “Platform”) and the website at (the “Site”), as of the effective date indicated above. It applies to information we collect before, on and after the effective date. In this document, “we” refers to Gravitational, Inc., and “you” refers to you, the user or customer to whom this policy applies.

In order to offer our Services to you, we must collect certain information about you. Because we respect your privacy, we have documented our policies regarding this information here, and we will not collect or use information about you except in the ways we describe.

1. What information we collect

We collect two types of information about you: Personally Identifiable Information and Non-personally Identifiable Information.

“Personally Identifiable Information” is information that lets us know who you are, specifically. Information in this category includes the information you use when submitting your information on our contact form or registering to use the Platform, like your name, email address, associated domain name and credit card information. Your login credentials are also Personally Identifiable Information. Finally, this category includes information tied to your identity that you provide us through other means, such as emails to our support service and comments on our blog.

“Non-personally Identifiable Information” is information that doesn’t let us determine your identity. This generally comes from your use of the Services after registering. For instance, our web server logs may show us that someone with a certain IP address visited the Site using a certain web browser, but we can’t use that information alone to say whether the visitor was you or someone else. Non-personally Identifiable Information also includes information that could personally identify you in its original form, but that we have modified to remove or hide (for instance, by aggregation) any Personally Identifiable Information. This collection of information occurs automatically when you use the Services.

We also use web cookies and reserve the right to use web beacons (“Cookies”). These are small files associated with information that your browser or our servers will save and return as part of the Services for purposes such as saving your login session between visits, remembering your display preferences and tracking your use of the site. While Cookies do not contain Personally Identifiable Information, we may associate the information they contain with Personally Identifiable Information for these and similar purposes. You may opt out of our use of cookies by configuring your browser to reject them. However, this may cause some features of the Services to work incorrectly.

2. How we use your information

We use the information we collect about you to provide the Services to you. As part of that purpose, we may use your Personally Identifiable Information and Non-personally Identifiable Information:

We may use your Non-personally Identifiable Information to enhance the Services, for instance through web analytics or troubleshooting. We may also use aggregated or depersonalized information to promote our Services, such as by citing usage statistics.

We may also use your information in the ways described above through a third-party contractor rather than in-house. If we do, we’ll require our contractors to protect your data on terms at least as strict as those in this policy.

3. Third parties

Except for the limited circumstances described in this policy, we do not provide your information to third parties.

We host the Site using third parties, including Amazon Web Services (the “hosting providers”). For this reason, we will provide the information we collect to Hosting Providers, and the Hosting Providers will serve it from its data centers throughout the United States.

We may use a third party to process payments in the future, and therefore provide them with the Personally Identifiable Information required to charge your credit card.

We may use third-party services either embedded into our Site (such as Tumblr®, Disqus®, Mixpanel™ and Google Analytics®) or outside of it (such as GitHub® and Twitter®) to communicate with you or to enhance the function of the Services. While we provide these third parties with no more information than is necessary to enable their use, any information that you provide these services independently is subject to their respective privacy policies and practices. We may in the future add additional third-party services or stop using some that we currently use, and we may not update this policy to reflect these changes.

Finally, we may be required by law or court order to provide Personally Identifiable Information or Non-personally Identifiable Information to government authorities or private parties. We fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use the Services for illegal activities, and we may report to law enforcement any activities that we believe in good faith are unlawful.

4. Your choices

You may opt out from any future communications from us (and/or our partners) by emailing us at [email protected] We will honor your opt-out within 30 days. If you would like us to cease all of the described uses of your Personally Identifiable Information, you may email us at [email protected] This will delete your Personally Identifiable Information from our records, and we will make no further use of it. We may, however, retain copies of your Personally Identifiable Information in backups.

You may request a copy of any or all of your Personally Identifiable Information in our possession, and we will honor your request within 30 days. (If we must incur expenses to comply with your request, we may charge you a reasonable fee to cover these expenses if permitted by law.) If you believe any of the Personally Identifiable Information we have collected from you is inaccurate, you can email [email protected] with a request to update this information. We will honor your request within 30 days.

5. Security

We recognize how important your information is to you, so we maintain safeguards to protect it. While we cannot guarantee that these measures will prevent every hacking attempt, we will notify you if we discover that the security of any of your Personally Identifiable Information has been materially breached.

Remember, though, that some parts of the Services are public. If you voluntarily provide Personally Identifiable Information in our blog or another public area of the Site, unrelated parties online will be able to view it and collect it. If you don’t want to make this information publicly available, you shouldn’t post it.

6. Standards

We are committed to following applicable laws that protect your privacy. In particular, we follow California’s privacy rules for online service providers.

7. Modification

We may need to modify this policy to address new issues or changes to our policies. Any changes we make will take effect as of the effective date indicated above. If you object to the changes, email us at [email protected] to delete your information from our records, and we will do so. Your continued use of the Services after the new effective date will constitute your acceptance of the changed policy.

8. Miscellaneous

The Services are only intended for adults, and use by children under thirteen years old is forbidden. We will never intentionally collect Personally Identifiable Information from children under thirteen years old.

If we elect to transfer ownership or control of the Services, whether in whole or in part, to a third party (for instance through a merger or sale), that third party will take over this policy and abide by its terms. We may notify you of any such transfer, but we won’t require your consent to transfer this policy or your information to such a third party.

9. Contact

If you have questions about this policy, or if you’re concerned that we are using your information improperly, please contact us by mail or email:

Gravitational, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Officer
11 Embarcadero W, Suite 240
Oakland, CA 94607
Email: [email protected]

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