Kubernetes on Autopilot

Kubernetes as a Service on Your Infrastructure

Your developers enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes. We do everything else. We are your Kubernetes ops team.

Application Migration Services

Our team of Kubernetes experts will assist your engineers with porting your existing applications to Kubernetes.

  • Best practices for "containerizing" complex applications.
  • Compatibility across environments: same codebase for bare metal, AWS and VMWare.
  • Architecture and implementation of stateful services like data stores.
  • Migration of ops procedures like backups and snapshots for the Kubernetes model.

Production-Hardened Kubernetes Clusters

Our Telekube tools are designed to provision hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, optimized for your infrastructure.

  • AWS optimized configurations.
  • Bare metal optimized configurations.
  • Highly availalbe (HA) operation.
  • Cluster state snapshots and restore.
  • One-click Kubernetes version upgrades and rollbacks.

Managed by Gravitational

We are your ops team responsible for delivering SLAs for your Kubernetes clusters.

  • We provide patches, upgrades and remote assistance.
  • We integrate Kubernetes with your existing ops tools and monitoring systems.
  • Our team handles incident escalation 24/7.

Integrated into your Organization

We help adopt Kubernetes to your unique needs.

  • Enhanced intra-cluster security and encryption.
  • Tight integration between Kubernetes and SSH access.
  • Everything we do with your clusters is recorded and auditable.
  • Compatible Kubernetes environments between AWS, bare metal and even developer laptops.
  • Gravitational decreases the time it takes to adopt open source technology while enabling consistent application environments across deployments. Read the Mulesoft case study.

    Conor Curlett — Principal Architect

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