Multi-Cloud and On-Premises Application Delivery

Package entire environments as downloadable cluster images and run them on your or your customers’ infrastructure.

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Get to Production without DevOps

  • done Your users can install and update your application on any infrastructure with a single command.
  • done Runs in any Linux environment: air-gapped, private cloud, edge nodes, hybrid cloud, bare metal, etc.
  • done You can meet the toughest security and compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc).

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Reduce Operational Overhead

  • done Take the guesswork out of on-prem deployments; every cluster you create with Gravity is identical.
  • done Save hundreds of hours in on-boarding and maintenance for each customer deployment.
  • done Provide remote upgrades that users can initiate with one command.

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Get to Production Faster

  • done Spend less time customizing your deployments and more time developing new features.
  • done Your team can build cluster images using their existing tooling and skills.
  • done Create full replicas of the original cluster with a few clicks or simple command line installer.

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Gravitational has given us the ability to deploy, and more importantly manage, Anaconda Enterprise on some of our most important customers' infrastructure. They allow us to scale the operation of our on-premises deployments by giving us consistent tooling and application environments across a variety of infrastructure footprints.

Kristopher Overholt Senior Product Manager, Anaconda

Open & Certified

Gravity is open-source, meets open standards and is built with cloud-native expertise. Open source and open standards are core to how we deliver solutions our customers can trust.

Which Gravity offering is right for you?

Gravity is available through the free, open source Community Edition or our Commercial Offerings.

Community Free and Open-Source Edition Enterprise Enterprise Grade Security, Compliance and Support
Speed-Up Application Delivery
Kubernetes cluster image creation ? Community Enterprise
Automated installation wizard ? Community Enterprise
Infrastructure validation ? Community Enterprise
License creation / enforcement ? Community Enterprise
Cluster/App image publishing ? Community Enterprise
Automated in-place upgrades ? Community Enterprise
Manual upgrade plans ? Community Enterprise
Ability to scale up/down clusters ? Community Enterprise
Cluster logging aggregation ? Community Enterprise
Monitoring and alerting ? Community Enterprise
Multi-cluster control plane ? Community Enterprise
Meet Security and Compliance Restrictions
Identity-Based Authentication ? CommunityOnly local users or Github enterprise
Security Audit Logging ? Community Enterprise
Session Recording ? Community Enterprise
Role Based Access Control (RBAC) ? Community Enterprise
Customer Support
Support Channels communityGithub Issues and
Community Forum
enterprisePrioritized email, phone and dedicated Slack/IM channel
Support Availability communityBest efforts enterprise24/7 with response time guarantees
Backwards Compatibility (LTS) communityCurrent LTS version enterpriseAll LTS versions are supported for 24-months
Regulation Compliance Support community enterpriseFedRamp, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 and others
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Trusted by Leading Organizations

Some of the largest companies in the world use Gravitational solutions.

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