Package Cloud Apps with Kubernetes for On-Premise Deployments

Gravity is a Kubernetes packaging solution that takes the drama out of on-prem deployments.

Benefits of using Gravity


Deploy cloud-native applications faster

Deliver your application on-prem and focus on building your product instead of managing Kubernetes.

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Use Kubernetes in the enterprise

Kubernetes best practices out of the box that meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.

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Reduce operational overhead

Easy to manage application environments that are consistent, highly available and easy to upgrade.

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Gravitational reduces the operations and the support burden normally associated with on-premises software. The product also decreases the time it takes to adopt open source technology while enabling consistent application environments across deployments.

Helgi Þorbjörnsson Principal Architect, MuleSoft Read the Mulesoft Case Study

Deploy cloud-native applications faster into any on-prem environment.

  • done Runs in any Linux environment: air-gapped, private cloud, edge nodes, hybrid cloud, bare metal, etc.
  • done Empowers non-technical users to install the application.
  • done Focus on building your product instead of on managing Kubernetes.

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Use Kubernetes in the enterprise

  • done Meet security and compliance requirements.
  • done Avoid vendor lock-in.
  • done Get Kubernetes best practices out of the box.

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Reduce Operational Overhead

  • done Meet high-availability and SLA requirements.
  • done Ensure the application is running in exactly the same environment across deployments.
  • done Provide seamless upgrades.

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Gravitational has given us the ability to deploy, and more importantly manage, Anaconda Enterprise on some of our most important customers' infrastructure. They allow us to scale the operation of our on-premise deployments by giving us consistent tooling and application environments across a variety of infrastructure footprints.

Kristopher Overholt Senior Product Manager, Anaconda

Gravity Features

Gravity delivers the following enterprise features.

Packaging and distribution

  • lockSecure cluster snapshots
  • autorenewAutomated installation wizard
  • check_circleResource validation
  • unarchiveApplication publishing
  • cloud_circleRuns in clouds and on-premise
  • playlist_add_checkLicense creation / enforcement

Security and compliance

  • folder_sharedUnified access management
  • assignment_ind Role based access control
  • assignment Security audit logging
  • grade Integrated certificate authority
  • settings_input_componentIdentity provider integrations
  • play_circle_outlineSession recording and playback

Operational automation

  • view_comfy Multi-cluster control plane
  • all_inclusiveHighly available architecture
  • updateAutomated, in-place upgrades
  • tuneDynamic auto-scaling
  • dvrCluster logging aggregation
  • network_checkMonitoring and health checks

Enterprise Support

  • schedule24/7 support level agreements
  • callResponse time guarantees
  • calendar_todayLong term support (LTS) agreements for dependencies
  • schoolWorkshops and training for end users
  • Fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service available

Gravity Enterprise & Community

Gravity is available through our commercial Enterprise offering or the Community open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, software.

Gravity Enterprise

Gravity Enterprise enhances Gravity Community, the open-source Kubernetes packaging solution, to meet security and compliance requirements. It is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in software, finance, healthcare, security, telecom, government, and other industries.

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Gravity Community

Gravity Community is an upstream Kubernetes packaging solution that takes the drama out of on-premise deployments. Gravity Community is open-source software that anyone can download and install for free.

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Trusted by Leading Organizations

Some of the largest companies in the world use Gravitational solutions.

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