Assembla Case Study

Gravitational worked with Assembla to create an offering that could be easily deployed on their customers’ infrastructure

How we Helped Assembla

App architecture review

Review current application architecture and suggest changes for containerization.

Migration to Kubernetes

Migrate Assembla to Docker images; setup and configure Kubernetes.

Integrated CI/CD workflow

Private Install Assembla builds are automated through the existing developer workflows.


Company: Assembla

Industry: Technology

Product/Service: Assembla Project Management


Create an offering for security consious customers that want control of their data.

Make it easy to install single tenant instances of Assembla on a variety of infrastructure options including AWS, Azure and on-premises.

Reduce the operational burden of running multiple customer deployments.

Case Study

Assembla has built one of the most popular project management tools and is used by some of the largest companies in the world. Historically, they have focused on a multi-tenant SaaS delivery model.

However, they saw an opportunity to deliver Assembla on their customer’s infrastructure as a way to differentiate and increase revenues with an enterprise focused offering. Instead of just throwing code over the wall for their customers to run, they still wanted to deliver the SaaS like experience that their existing customers loved.

Gravitational worked with Assembla to create an offering that could be easily deployed on their customers’ infrastructure - either on-premises (behind firewalls) or on privately owned cloud accounts.

Going beyond just the installation, Assembla Private Install also offers the same level of service that their multi-tenant SaaS customers have through automated updates and proactive operational support. This gives Assembla customers control over their data without the IT operational burden of managing the application.

The Private Install offering also lowers the traditional adoption hurdles that have been typical with on-premises deployments. Customers can get up and running quickly through a self-service installation wizard. This enables Assembla to reduce sales cycles closer to those that are typical with a SaaS delivery model.

Finally, the Private Install version of Assembla is integrated into their existing development pipeline so they can maintain their development velocity and not worry about maintaining unique instances of their application.

Gravitational has reduced our time to market for our Private Install offering. They not only helped on-board us to their platform but they also helped modernize our deployment process. We now have a high value offering for our enterprise customers in a fraction of time it would have taken without them.

Jacek Materna CTO, Assembla

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