Telekube: the Private SaaS Platform

Telekube is a toolkit for packaging, deploying and remotely managing complex multi-node Linux applications across clouds and on-premise, all over the world.

Easy to use installer

Our white label installer makes customer onboarding easy.

  • Your customers install your application into their infrastructure with a few clicks.
  • Installer may be web based or downloaded for offline installs.
  • Supports free trials and utility based usage.
  • Resources are validated to make sure the environment is optimized for your application.

High availability & backups

Your Private SaaS will run on autopilot with minimal need for human administration.

  • Zero downtime updates and restarts.
  • Live migration of processes.
  • Built-in replication and backups for popular data stores.
  • Automatic scale up and scale down.

Built-in remote management

Supporting thousands of cross-cloud deployments will not be a nightmare.

  • Remote access for your ops team, configurable by end users.
  • Every application environment is identical across your install base for standardizing operations.
  • Built-in monitoring and log aggregation.
  • Ops Center "God view" across thousands of private cloud deployments.

Enterprise compatible practices

We help you cover the typical enterprise compliance needs.

  • All events across the system are audited and available for review.
  • Enforcement of Software Licenses based on resources, usage or time.
  • Compliant with existing enterprise security policies.
  • Works behind firewalls and on isolated networks.
  • Learn more about why enterprise buyers want Private SaaS.

Two Minute Demo: Packaging and Deploying Behind Firewalls

We support your infrastructure needs

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