Our mission is to simplify the management of cloud software

We believe that developers should be able focus more on building features and less on how and where their applications run.

We believe that ops engineers should be able to easily manage thousands of instances of complex applications with simple tools.

We believe the days of single-region deployments are coming to an end for many applications. Datasets are growing and becoming geographically distributed. Data needs to be close to users and applications need to be pushed to where the data is stored.

We believe that the complexity of software maintenance is the major obstacle to faster adoption of new technologies and growth for technology creators.

Our offices

1377 Harrison St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

European office:

Munich, Germany

About our team

We are a group of passionate builders that created Mailgun, open source libraries like Vulcand and other cool stuff at Rackspace.

Gravitational is a Y Combinator company. We are also backed by a group of great investors from around the world.


We are also looking for people to join us on this mission. You can find our open positions on our careers page on Github. You can also email us directly with a resume or links to your work.

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